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Real House Canada

Real House Canada - Real • Unique Mood Sleep Rescue

Real House Canada - Real • Unique Mood Sleep Rescue

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Real House has focused on research and development, now introduces a remedy starting from easing tension, relaxing the body then leading you to a night of deep sleep. We know the mechanisms of human sleeping mode, our unique formula guide you a deep relaxation sleeping. Real House cares about your physiological and psychological state, This is Real Health!

Place of Production: Canada

Size: 90 vegetable capsules per bottle

Shelf Life: Three Years (if unopened). The product is safe to use for three years but for best effect, the product should be consumed as soon as possible after opening. Typically, our customers finish this product in 1-3 months after opening.

Recommended Dose: Adults: 2 capsules, once per day. Take 30-45 minutes before bedtime. Take with food. Take an earlier dose during the evening if necessary.

Recommended Use:

Helps to promote healthy mood balance. Used as a sleep aid.


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