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Menstrual cup Small

Menstrual cup Small

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  • 100% medical grade silicone
  • Easy-to-replace cup handle
  • Unique elastic bonding technology
  • Repeated use up to 10 years
  • Eco-friendly storage cloth bag

Menstrual cup Small Description

A) 100% medical grade silicone

B) Easy-to-replace cup handle

C) Unique elastic bonding technology

D) Repeated use up to 10 years

E) Eco-friendly storage cloth bag

F) Suitable for first-time users and those who are looking for a softer menstrual cup


G) Two sizes are available

Created with super-soft medical-grade silicone, we designed the LUÜNA Period Cup with special flexy-fit tech which molds to your unique shape.

Many have called it 'the softest cup ever made,' making it the perfect choice for curious first-time users, as well as experienced cup-ers seeking a more comfortable choice

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