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CARBONCOCO-Teeth Whitening(Sweet Mint)+Toothpaste+mouthwash set

CARBONCOCO-Teeth Whitening(Sweet Mint)+Toothpaste+mouthwash set

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  • Carbon Coco is a natural, non-added oral care brand in Australia and has received numerous international accreditations.
  • Carefully selected activated carbon ingredients.
  • Safely whiten teeth and strengthen enamel.
  • Eliminate oral toxins and keep your breath fresh.
  • Natural without added.

CARBONCOCO-Teeth Whitening(Sweet Mint)+Toothpaste+mouthwash set Description

CARBONCOCO - Natural Teeth Whitening(Sweet Mint)+Toothpaste+alcohol free rinse set


Get that complete clean with Carbon Coco. Want whiter teeth and that fresh feeling all day long? The Coco Kit is for you.


Our 100% organic Activated Charcoal Tooth Polish effectively whitens teeth by adsorbing stain causing debris and bacteria. It removes stains without toxic chemicals, promoting good oral health and preventing bad breath.


Follow up with our Activated Charcoal Toothpaste for added whitening and protection against future stains. Our fluoride-free, spearmint formula fights bad breath causing bacteria; replacing your everyday toothpaste.


Finish the freshness with our Activated Charcoal Mouth Rinse. This Alcohol Free formula is super gentle yet effective in freshening your breath and removing bacteria.


To top it off, this kit includes our Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush, Tongue Cleaner and Silk Bag for complete cleanliness and convenience! 



. Natural whitening teeth

. Prevent bad breath

. Remove plaque and enhance enamel

. Exclude oral toxins


. Prevent harmful bacteria from growing


What you get:

-Activated Charcoal Tooth Polish(Sweet Mint)

-Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

-Activated Charcoal Alcohol Free Rinse

-Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush

-Tongue Cleaner


-Silk Pouch


What's in it?

Activated Charcoal Tooth Polish

-100% Organic Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal

-Bentonite Powder

-Lemon Myrtle


Activated Charcoal

-Dip wet toothbrush into jar, tap off excess

-Brush your teeth for 3 minutes

-Spit out and rinse

-For best results, use at night followed by Activated Charcoal Toothpaste


Activated Charcoal Alcohol Free Rinse

-Unscrew lid from bottle and fill with mouthwash

-Empty mouthwash into your mouth

-Gargle and swirl in your mouth for 30 seconds 


-Spit out mouthwash into the sink

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