Crest - 3D White Teeth Whitestrips Professional Effect
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 In case you want an impeccable, white and beautiful smile, at home, we can help you.


    You don't have to pay for a professional laser whitening in a dental office. The Crest 3D White Whitestrips Professional Effect treatment guarantees you the same effect, and the difference is felt in your pocket.



The package contains 20 envelopes - 40 patches (20 for the upper arch and 20 for the lower one)

Complete treatment for 20 days.

With an improved patch attachment system, apply daily for 30 minutes.

Hydrogen peroxide concentration 10%.

Professional results (similar to a professional whitening in the office)

It is recommended for those who want a sharp whitening at home, lasting and in a relatively short time

Made in the USA

The advantages of Crest 3D White Professional Effects patches:

Bleaching visible in just 2/3 days.

It is clinically proven to remove stains from wine, tobacco, tea and coffee.

Cheaper than in dental offices.

Identical results with laser treatments.

Longer strips for better coverage.

Advanced Seal technology.

Durable whitening (24 months).

Visible results after only 2/3 use of the patches

Way of ussage:

Recommendation: It is not advisable to brush your teeth beforehand.

Open the envelope and remove the patch.

Align the patch with the level of the gum and gently press on the surface of the teeth for proper contact

Bend the rest of the patch behind the teeth to stay in position.

Wear the patch for 30 minutes, once a day

After 30 minutes, remove the patch.

What does this product bring in addition?

    Using the "Advanced Seal" technology, the tapes mold and fix very well on the teeth, which allows you to do various activities without embarrassing you in any way (you can talk, sing, drink water, read, drive, cook, etc. while wear the straps). The straps are thin, flexible and comfortable, even imperceptible.

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